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24 Hour Living“I am a time concept. I live in time. The Present time.”I exist in the present moment but my mind keeps moving back to the past and into the future. It keeps shuttling between various time spans. I do not realize that it is the prese

Fine Reliving ProgramYou only live once!That’s true. We only live once! We, generally, live the same life every day. Our process of living our life on this planet is designed to make us learn certain ways of living.These ways condition us to li

Pleasure Drinking or Problem Drinking Do you think you have a problem with drinking? Click the link below to learn more about the hazards of alcohol: https://www.iamfinefoundation.com/page/pleasure-drinking-or/5f6dca4bfdfb5c0001957d80

Awareness Programs for Slum KidsI am fine Foundation has held many awareness programs for kids from the surrounding slums. General hygiene is a basic problem of slum residents and with this in mind our organization conducts events regularly to educ

SCREEN ADDICTIONWhat is Screen addiction?Smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., has surely enabled the human race to take giant steps ahead. Today, technology is helping us in numerous ways. It’s almost everywhere. However, there is another side to