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International Yoga Day - Mental Health and BodyAs we all know that in today’s fast-moving world we always seem to be in a hurry and neglect our health, especially our mental health or we can say because of our busy life schedule we fail to give eno

THE SUCCESSFUL DU – THE HIGH-PROFILE ADDICTWho is an addict? When we think of an addict the first picture that comes to mind is a dishevelled, untidy, person who has no aim or direction in life, just drifting from day-to-day, without any direction

Pleasure Drinking or Problem Drinking Do you think you have a problem with drinking? Click the link below to learn more about the hazards of alcohol: https://www.iamfinefoundation.com/page/pleasure-drinking-or/5f6dca4bfdfb5c0001957d80

24 Hour Living“I am a time concept. I live in time. The Present time.”I exist in the present moment but my mind keeps moving back to the past and into the future. It keeps shuttling between various time spans. I do not realize that it is the prese

HIDING TO BE FOUND You see them every day. You meet them regularly. You talk to them frequently. You like them and you may also love them. They laugh. They smile. They enjoy. They are successful. They are intelligent. They are respected. They are soc