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THE SUCCESSFUL DU – THE HIGH-PROFILE ADDICTWho is an addict? When we think of an addict the first picture that comes to mind is a dishevelled, untidy, person who has no aim or direction in life, just drifting from day-to-day, without any direction

SCREEN ADDICTIONWhat is Screen addiction?Smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., has surely enabled the human race to take giant steps ahead. Today, technology is helping us in numerous ways. It’s almost everywhere. However, there is another side to

I am fine foundation is an effort and initiative of the I am fine group. We are a team of dedicated individuals, working towards eradicating and alleviating the challenges faced by individuals suffering from different types of mental disorders, i.e.,

Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in PuneTop Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune – I am Fine Foundation is one of the leading Rehabilitation Centres and De Addiction

Understanding Alcoholism / Addiction A short video on Alcoholism and Addiction and why people fall prey to these maladies https://www.iamfinefoundation.com/page/video-gallery/5ee73b28cd836400013a3132

A video on the High Functioning AddictThis video describes the very elusive type of addict. They are people who indulge in drugs or alcohol or even both but are able to maintain their status in life. They have lucrative jobs, wonderful family and s

Webinar on HANDLING ADDICTION - Guidelines for Families. Today from 6:00 - 7:00 pm IST.HURRY!!! Register now. All you queries will be addressed by Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, MD Psychiatry, Addiction Specialist.

I am Fine Foundation - Online ProgramI am Fine Foundation is happy to announce our online program for addiction (alcohol, drugs, screen, etc), and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc.For further details click the link below:

Understanding Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)is a type of person-centered counseling developed to facilitate change. The core principle of the approach is negotiation to avoid conflict. It aims to help pe