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In our field of work, we have encountered many individuals who have the desire to quit drugs / alcohol, but for reasons beyond their control are unable to get admitted in a regular rehabilitation center. The reasons may be innumerable like work, stigma poor social support, the result is the same. These people are compelled to carry on in their addiction with no hope of redemption. It is through our Online Recovery Program that we hope to reach out to these individuals and enable them to initiate a program of recovery from the confines of their homes.We also wish to extend this treatment to people suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Motivation, Stress, etc., to enable them to get a better understanding of themselves and thereby improve the quality of their lives.The patient who enrolls for this treatment will periodically be sent the relevant work-papers / step-papers which he or she will have to write the answers to. Counselling and output sessions will be conducted through online video calls. These will be conducted bi-weekly or more as per the requirement of the patient after discussion with our psychiatrist depending on severity of symptoms.

The Fine Reliving Program is an action plan structured to enable growth in all areas of one’s life. It is a journey of healing coupled with the rediscovery of self. The name, “I am Fine,” reiterates our firm belief that beneath all the chaos and confusion that life may bring our way, every individual is FINE. That is the natural state of human kind. It is just that situations and circumstances appear to be distorted which in turn brings a lot of pressure and anxiety with it. This has adverse effects on the human brain and subsequently could lead to the beginning of a mental imbalance and chemical dependency.Whatever a person may be going through in their life, if they are able to reach down to their core being, they will find that the situations are not as bad they may appear to be. However, this is easier said than done as we tend to get overwhelmed with situation and circumstances. The Fine Reliving program empowers an individual to look within and it is here that an individual will find all the keys to unravel the mysteries of life.The program is an individual activity in a group. There are no teachers. Some of us will surely work or act as coordinators but the entire workshop is based on self-analysis and sharing of thoughts. The idea is to give some peaceful time to self and get deep into a thought process to understand self and develop an Individual Spiritual or Happiness action plan. The group will share and also learn from the thought process of other members. The sessions are based on the basics of understanding and finding ‘happiness’ and the fact that “I am fine” is a natural state. In order to have some guidelines and give a direction to our thought process, we will be taking a cue from the ‘I am fine” Living Principles. The sessions will be guided by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other counselors. No Mobiles, computers or communication is allowed during the stay. Sessions are not preaching or lectures but solitary thinking process coupled with sharing of the same. It involves writing down our own thought process on the guidelines of living principles and ultimately developing our own Happiness Action Plan. It is a self-work in isolation and group. We will have a continuity of such workshops to keep working on our action and action plan and sharing them with the group. A Final action plan is developed based on a lot of thinking, writing, sharing, listening and individual counselling. The action plan is based on the concept of balancing life with the help of individual values.Our treatment module is diverse and caters to the needs and requirements of different individuals which is given below:1. Residential Program2. Day-care program3. Online Treatment Program4. Home-Based Personal Recovery Program

This component of our module is structured to enable those who cannot enlist for the residential program. This program will be decided after understanding severity of symptoms based on detailed history discussion with patient and family members. The patient will be required to come to the centre every day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. They will attend all the sessions held throughout the day. Like the residential patients they will be allotted a counsellor and have to attend personal counselling session with the counsellor. Work-papers will be given to them and they will need to answer the questions and submit the same to their counsellor. At the output sessions that will be allotted to them the entire team will give them feedback on their observations.People who enrol for the day-care program will have to surrender their phone and all personal belongings when they come to the centre in the morning and the same will be returned to them when they leave in the evening.The patient will have to stay away from any mind-altering mood-changing substances during this time. If the management finds that they are indulging in drugs / alcohol their treatment will be discontinued.The day-care treatment is available to both men and women.

Meet our doctor

Dr Ashwini Kulkarni

DeAddiction Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist

Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni is a well known psychiatrist in Pune. She holds an experience of 11 years in Depression and anxiety, psychosis, stress management, child and adolescence. She has special interest in addiction psychiatry. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni is A Reliable Psychiatrist in PCMC and Pune. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni is A Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychiatrist Addiction Specialist in PCMC and Pune. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni MBBS MD Psychiatry is practicing as Consultant Psychiatrist with 8 years of experience in Pune, Maharashtra , India. She passed MD Psychiatry from BJ Medical college. She has worked as Assistant Professor in BJ medical college Maharashtra Institute of mental health and Yerwada mental hospital. She has extensive experience in deaddiction field. There are situations that demand a helping hand one can trust and rely on. Dr. Ashwini, specializes in understanding such situations and help you understand the root cause of your emotional, mental and physical discomfort that you still are struggling to resolve. Her inborn talent and skill of empathizing with people, her meritorious academic records and her dedication to serve makes a rare but perfect combination for people who need help for their various emotional and behavioural issues. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni | Psychiatrist Near Me | Best Psychiatrist in PCMC | Psychiatrist in Chinchwad | Psychiatrist in Pimpri | Lady Psychiatrist in PCMC | Psychiatrist Doctor Specialist in PCMC


I am a retired army serviceman and have lived a very happy life. However, alcohol was threatening to destroy everything that I loved and had worked so hard to make possible. It was then that I made a decision to do something about my problem. I am fortunate that I was brought to I am Fine Foundation where I enrolled and completed my treatment program. My stay at I am Fine helped me to see myself and my life the way it is. The staff team and the program module has helped me get a better understan

The Army Man

Thank You I am Fine Foundation

I am an alcoholic and I am fine. A very unusual way to start my testimony. A couple of years ago, I was on my death-bed and even doctors had given up on me. I am an average man from a middle-class family. We did not really struggle to survive, but all the same life was not easy. This instilled in me a determination to work hard and my efforts paid off. I am financially well settled with an excellent monthly income. I have a very loving family consisting of my wife and 2 beautiful children. Now

Mr. Sanju

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