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“I am fine”, as the name suggests is an effort to spread the message and feeling of being fine. Being fine with all possibilities and conditions. Being Fine irrespective of the surroundings and events. Just being fine.

Although we use the Phrase “I am fine” many times a day, the feeling, in reality, is becoming rare.We all are gripped by many insecurities at mental and physical levels. These fears and insecurities may be real or conditioning of our mind or the emotions gone maybeof the track. But they surely stop us from living our life to the fullest potential.


“I am fine”, may carry a different meaning for everyone. Being Fine is a relative term. It has various different levels of experiences for different people and surely carries a lot of meaning for all those who are not feeling ‘fine’ 


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There are no set rules for addiction treatment but there surely are certain guidelines that are based on years of research, experience and successful treatment results. A treatment plan may vary from one individual to another based on the various factors ...........

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Drug and alcohol or any kind of addictions can strain your personal relationships and make it hard to focus on work or school. Many people have their health, finances, and ultimately, their lives turned upside down by addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse issue, it is never too late - or too soon - to get help from a drug recovery program.


The Journey towards a recovered
life starts with one phone call.
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BE inspired


FINE Centre. Behind Shroff's Shrushti

Off Mumbai - Bangalore Highway,

Pune 411045. INDIA


PH: +91 93728 42934 ; 91120 70606

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