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I am an alcoholic and I am fine. A very unusual way to start my testimony. A couple of years ago, I was on my death-bed and even doctors had given up on me. I am an average man from a middle-class family. We did not really struggle to survive, but all the same life was not easy. This instilled in me a determination to work hard and my efforts pai...Read Mored off. I am financially well settled with an excellent monthly income. I have a very loving family consisting of my wife and 2 beautiful children. Now comes the mystery. Why did I drink so much? I had all that a man could have desired in life, but one destructive habit was threatening to snatch it all out of my hands. I have been drinking for a long, long time. Initially, I drank in moderation and would rarely have more than 2 pegs. However, a couple of years ago I suddenly found my health beginning to deteriorate and developed diabetes. Very soon I found myself in the ICU of a prominent hospital in Pune. I remained there for 2 weeks and the doctors pronounced me a miracle case when I made it out of the ICU. However, they cautioned me that I were to ever drink again I would not survive. The damage my liver had endured was bordering on cirrhosis and would not be able to take much more battering. On the advice of a friend I was admitted to I am Fine Foundation rehabilitation centre in Pune, much against my wishes. It was not easy initially and I would invent a new excuse every day to leave the centre. But in reality, my experience at the I am Fine rehabilitation centre changed my life. It was here for the very first time that I was able to look at myself for what I am, learn to love myself again, and grow from there. It was a very fruitful process which is helping me even today. The team at I am Fine is like a family. It is a home away from home. I have absolutely no cause to complain as Dr. Ashwini, Niraj Sir and the counsellors were always supportive and helped me endure the difficult times. I have now been home after leaving the centre for more than a year and leading a fruitful life. Things are not easy but with the help of my family and the I am Fine family I am able to live my life without the support of alcohol. I’ll like to end this testimony by saying that, “I am fine today because of the love and support that I received at I am Fine Foundation. Thank you.

Mr. Sanju

I am a Living Miracle

A NEW LIFE My name is Suresh & I am a recovering alcoholic. I am from Mumbai and worked in USA for 17 years. This was my second attempt to get out of the grip of alcohol. I was sober for five years after my first de-addiction effort but I relapsed. The reason, I had become sanguine about my recovery after 5 years. I had forgotten that recovery sh...Read Moreould not be taken for granted by anybody at any time. I have learnt it the hard way. I just had a single drink after 5 years and I was back to the same old routine. It was as if I had never quit. I had gone back to the original quota. I reached a state where I had to be rushed to an ICU & later in the emergency room where I had slipped into a coma. My recovery (physical and mental) began very slow. My short-term memory had become impaired and I was disoriented. Physically I was very weak. I could not stand on my own. Post my discharge from the ICU, I came under the care of Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni and my process of rehabilitation and starting a new life began. Today, I can walk on my own. I do yoga, I have put on 15 kgs & mentally I have almost completely recovered. The fact that I am writing this experience in itself is a miracle. I am working and helping people recover from addiction. I have worked on certain goals that I have to pursue. All this has happened only & only through the efforts of the specialists at “I am fine foundation.” Their way of recovery is unconventional and very effective. Besides group therapy & reading / writing, there are also music, art & dance therapy. I am feeling extremely relaxed. The schedule is busy but comfortable. Most important, the counsellors have become a part of my family. In fact they are my family. The program was helpful not only in recovering from my Alcohol addiction but also understanding my true self. Understanding my values. The counsellors also helped and are still helping in my future goals. I am really thankful to the “I am Fine Foundation” for helping me understand myself and make me “RELIVE” The "I am Fine" program can do miracles not only for people with substance issues but anyone who is keen on making efforts towards a better living or trying to understand self. I am a living proof and example of this miracle. I am Fine.

Mr. Suresh

A New Life

I retired at the age of 62 years and returned to my roots in Mumbai in 2016. Immediately, thereafter I went through the last two of the eight abdominal surgeries. Post the ordeals of the above, a very hectic work life spanning over four decades and it's impact on my family life - I slipped in to a major depression - with my cigarette smoking at a...Read Moren all time high of 40/50 a day. I was looking for a sustainable long term solution and my search stopped at a meeting with Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni. A plan of action was drawn out which included the medical and psychological management as also a detailed root cause analysis of my problem which would lead to an integrated solution. I was required to stay in 'I am fine foundation' founded by Mr. Niraj Gaur. A residential program consisting of psychiatric interventions, psychological consults, and a unique residential routine to synchronize the best across my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual (as I came to believe) self - to 're engineer' a post retired 'Salim'. My stay helped me get out of my depression - Stopped my smoking habit - helped me understand myself better in terms of my hidden defects. Most importantly the root cause analysis brought to light the fact that I was a workaholic for 43 years and lived in denial of the disease - unintentionally though. The result was that It adversly affected my personal/family life, my health and finances. Needless to say that a documented plan for the way forward is ready for implementation and regular monitoring (by Dr. AK and Mr. NG) Two months flew past and my wife MAZNA joined me for the 3rd. Both of us completed the program and have returned to base Mumbai looking forward to a new life - living in peace and harmony with our individaul selves, together and with the external environment. Many Thanks to Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, Mr. Niraj Gaur for their intervention and the staff at I am fine foundation who made Mazna and I feel at home. Keep up the good work

Mr Salim

Keep up the good work

Great initiative by IAM Fine Foundation.. Nice and calm place for recovery... staffs are very supportive and cooperative, my 2 months residential treatment changed my life. Now i am free form cigarette addiction.. i was trying to quit many times by my body was not supported me so i started again.... due to this i was depressed and disturbed. I ...Read Moregot reference of IAM FINE FOUNDATION from online search and they helped me allot and now i free from Cigarette.... Yes I am free now i am back to my normal life now me and my family is feeling great. Thank for changing my life

Mr Manish

Great initiative

Yesterday I reached 43 Days Smoke Free! I was a smoker for 10 years and have tried to quit smoking many times, but this time I DECIDED to stop smoking rather than trying to quit. I am not sure how or why but for me that change in perspective is making all the difference. I am still using everything I can for help and support, Websites, Spiritual Ta...Read Morelk, Day Care IAM FINE FOUNDATION, I am still encountering challenges, but because I DECIDED I know that for every craving, urge and stressful situation I Will overcome it, I know it so I don't need to try anymore. I hope everyone out there finds a perspective to help change their lives.

Prashant Jadhav

Thank for changing my life