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A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

"Why addicts do not feel happy?"

Apart from the normal clinical, chemical or environmental reasons, there is something that I have seen as common in many people regarding feeling happy.

Contrary to a usual belief that the addicts have a problem of frozen feelings, I have experienced that many addicts, are actually very sensitive to feelings and experiences. So sensitive that they fear feeling them, especially the bad ones. 

They have a fantastic memory when it comes to remembering old things and incidences especially the childhood ones. I found this trait in many of the addicts I have met or have interacted with. Not all, but most of them who still have a healthy mind and body and remember experiences very vividly. This means they cannot forget things easily, both good and bad.

Having experienced something bad, they find it difficult to forget and let go. They remain sensitive to experiences.  May be, that is a reason, they try to avoid feelings as they fear they will keep haunting them. So, the problem is not feelings but fear of feeling those moments. 

Similarly, they cannot forget the good feelings or good moments. They remember them very clearly and that makes it very obvious to keep chasing them. Keep looking for the same happy moments they had experienced in the past and not the current normal situation. It is like trying to stay in a dream world of perfect happiness and trying to chase and achieve that state.

There is a reason they fear feeling anything, good or bad. They know that the bad ones will not leave them and good ones are not permanent and this just increases the craving for happiness.

Capacity to remember things, a good memory or let say a strong brain is somewhere responsible for the addictive behaviour.

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