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“Wired to Others”

“Wired to Others”

A soldier’s perspective

September 28, 2020, marked the 113th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a renowned martyr of the Indian Freedom movement. He was hanged at the tender age of 23, when he was at the threshold of his life. He is known for having approached the gallows with a smile on his face. No place for fear or regret. He sacrificed his life for what he believed in.

This is a soldier’s communication with himself and his struggle. To set his eyes on his goal and not let anything come between them, no, not even death. This may be next to impossible for us to comprehend. Why would a person sacrifice his or her life for others?

“It always happens…

Every time I am entering my relaxation zone while sleeping, while sitting alone quietly or after a small drink, the thought suddenly becomes dominant. “What would have made ‘Bhagat Singh’ do what he did? What were the thoughts that propelled many other martyrs like him to do the things that they did?” Why would anyone do anything for someone else? Why would anyone sacrifice his own comfort or time or material possessions for the benefit of others? Most important. Why would anyone sacrifice his or her own life for the sake of others or for any cause? 

Life is the most precious thing I have. I am nothing without my life. I am biologically designed and mentally programmed to protect it. The creator, whoever it is, has created me to live against all the odds. Each and every cell of my body is trying its best to survive and live to the fullest. What is it then that makes some people decide to break this strong design for existence and survival just to do something for the benefit, safety and survival of others?

“Soora so pahchaaniye, lade deen ke het.

Purja Purja Kat mare, kabho na chadde khet.”

“The warrior is known by his fight for the right values.

He does not leave the battle ground even if every part of his body is cut dead.”

I have often tried to understand this highest level of sacrifice but could not come to any satisfactory conclusion.

A childhood friend of mine has this habit of sending daily messages of so-called ‘wisdom.’ I often wondered and felt amused and sometimes irritated by this activity. 

No one needs your views dude! Why would you bombard people with your feelings?


He called me a few days back and asked me the same question that has been bothering me for years.

He asked….

“You are a soldier. What makes you sacrifice your own comfort, family and time for the safety of others? What makes you put your own life in danger for the safety and security of others?”

It was like a boomerang. Someone was asking me the same question that I always wanted to ask the “Great Bhagat Singh.” It is true that I put my life in danger as part of my duty. I am a soldier.

But I am a soldier by choice. Why?

Why do I keep sacrificing my comforts and putting my life in danger again and again?

Not only in the past but I do it now also and will keep on doing it for the sake of safety and security of others.

“The definition of FINE is different for all. Someone is fine just being ‘fine’ himself. Some are fine in being ‘fine’ to others. Some feel ‘fine’ after philanthropic acts like giving donations in kind or monetary help to make people ‘fine.’ 

Some sacrifice their own comforts and even their lives to make others fine.

Is it that you want to feel Fine YOURSELF?

The ultimate sacrifices are made in search of THAT feeling only. The FEELING of feeling FINE...You call this feeling of being Fine or Bliss or a Kick, but it is because YOU want to feel that way.”

I had the answer to my questions. All of us try our best in our own capacities to make others feel fine. That is the beauty of my human software. 

I am programmed to feel fine by making others fine. 

So, to feel fine, I have to just try to make others feel fine.

People employ whatever resources and skills they have to make others feel fine so that ultimately, they can feel fine.

And now I can understand that reason behind those daily messages of wisdom by this crazy friend of mine. 

I do not have to be the strongest to fight for anyone. I do not have to be the wisest to share something wise.

I discussed this with this friend of mine and told him that the explanation to all the sacrifices is the feeling of being fine. Deep inside, I want to feel fine.

“Designed to be selfish but wired with others?" He asked.


I am fine.

The soldier.

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