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Dr Ashwini Kulkarni

Specializes in:DeAddiction Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist
Experience:12 Years
Education:M.D. (Psychiatry), MBBS
Memberships:Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) , Maharashtra Medical Council
Registration No:2009020438

Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni is a well known psychiatrist in Pune. She holds an experience of 11 years in Depression and anxiety, psychosis, stress management, child and adolescence. She has special interest in addiction psychiatry. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni is A Reliable Psychiatrist in PCMC and Pune. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni is A Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychiatrist Addiction Specialist in PCMC and Pune. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni MBBS MD Psychiatry is practicing as Consultant Psychiatrist with 8 years of experience in Pune, Maharashtra , India. She passed MD Psychiatry from BJ Medical college. She has worked as Assistant Professor in BJ medical college Maharashtra Institute of mental health and Yerwada mental hospital. She has extensive experience in deaddiction field. There are situations that demand a helping hand one can trust and rely on. Dr. Ashwini, specializes in understanding such situations and help you understand the root cause of your emotional, mental and physical discomfort that you still are struggling to resolve. Her inborn talent and skill of empathizing with people, her meritorious academic records and her dedication to serve makes a rare but perfect combination for people who need help for their various emotional and behavioural issues. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni | Psychiatrist Near Me | Best Psychiatrist in PCMC | Psychiatrist in Chinchwad | Psychiatrist in Pimpri | Lady Psychiatrist in PCMC | Psychiatrist Doctor Specialist in PCMC