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> Updates > Understanding Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)is a type of person-centered counseling developed to facilitate change. The core principle of the approach is negotiation to avoid conflict. It aims to help people explore and resolve their ambivalence about behavioral change.MET is often combined with other forms of counseling for addiction to motivate to remain abstinent and live drug free life.Each session is personalized session according to the needs of the individual. Early sessions focus on evaluating information from the initial assessment and setting goals for the future. Later sessions provide the patient to assess their efforts to maintain sobriety.Research on MET suggests that duration and an effect of therapy dependson the type of drug used by participants and on the goal of the intervention. This approach has been used successfully with people addicted to alcohol to both improve their engagement in treatment and reduce their problem drinking.The approach was modified to help addiction from the pre-contemplation or contemplation stages to an action stage where he or she was more likely to make behavioral changes. It works in small doses to produce a large effect by reducing behaviors in the person that interfere with therapy. The 4 central principles of motivational enhancement are Express empathy, Develop discrepancy, Avoid argumentation, Support self-efficacyExpress empathy by using reflective listening to convey understanding of the person’s point of view and underlying drivesDevelop discrepancy between the person’s most deeply held values and their current behavior (i.e. tease out ways in which current unhealthy behaviors conflict with the wish to ‘be good’)Roll with resistance by responding with empathy and understanding rather than confrontationSupport self-efficacy by building the person’s belief that change is possibleMotivational enhancement therapy plays important role in maintaining sobriety and bringing positive changes in person’s life.