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> Updates > I am Fine Foundation conducted a webinar on Suicide Prevention Strategies, on Sunday June 21, 2020, from 11:00 am onwards.The present situation with Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on people and affected many areas of their lives. The uncertainty looms larger than life with people confounded with different fears. The emotional upheaval that this scenario has caused has pushed many people to the brink of desperation and despondency and this could lead to suicidal thoughts.With this in mind this web conference was organised and conducted and the attendance at the event was excellent.The speaker, Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, MBBS, MD Psychiatry, spoke on the different aspects related to the subject starting with the global scenario, followed by an overview of the situation and touched upon the people who are susceptible and at risk of taking this extreme step. Thereafter, she spoke on the risk factors, biological causes and how the present situation has affected the emotional stability thereby increasing the risk.Dr. Kulkarni then spoke on suicide in adolescents, the myths and misconceptions associated with suicide and highlighted the warning signs. She emphasized the family’s role in prevention of suicide, the individual action and treatment options. The session concluded with Dr. Kulkarni reminding the participants that they are not alone and I am Fine Foundation is with them in their efforts to prevention suicide. Please feel free to contact us on our website in case of any situation.Our website address is: www.iamfinefoundation.comDo subscribe at our website to get updates of our future programs.Further to public request we will be re-screening the Webinar on Sunday, June 28, 2020, from 11:00 am onward. Please click the link if you wish to attend the same.https://www.iamfinefoundation.com/page/webinar/5ecb7f9f2a9cce00014961d6