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> Updates > GROWTH MEANS RESISTANCE To grow, I must be willing to be criticized, looked down upon and misunderstood.Every development needs an effort to grow out of the present state. Physical, mental, financial, spiritual, social or emotional growth needs leaving the present state of comfort or even discomfort to the next unknown state.It means, opening up to the new ideas and possibilities and also, most importantly, opening up of self to others. Letting others know of my current state. It means exposing myself to the outside world and working against my fears.I must understand that it’s against the resistance that I grow in strength. Resistance builds my physical, mental or emotional muscles.My fears of being looked down upon or being judged, stops me from opening up or taking the first step towards a change. I fear being exposed and being in a vulnerable position.Sometimes my ego keeps me in a different world where I just don’t want to take any action knowing well that it will start hurting my self-preserved delicate ego.However, I must understand that growing means leaving my comfort zone. Growing means opposition. Growing means resistance. Growing means coming out in the open and be ready to face all the challenges and pains.Growing means being courageous enough to face the ridicule, judgment, opinions or any other negative outcome.